Linens of Love, Inc.

A Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization | New Haven, CT

The Journey of Your Donations at Linens of Love

At Linens of Love, no matter the type or size of donation, we are ever grateful to each of our donors. With many organizations, once you have donated, it is hard to say if your donated goods truly went anywhere beyond the warehouse or storage room. When you donate to Linens of Love, your donations are given to shelters and individuals in need within a 2-3 weeks of arrival at our drop-off location. We know how special it is for the people that receive these donations and we want to share that feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness with our donors.

The Life Haven shelter, part of New Reach,  in New Haven, CT is one of the first shelters we began supplying your generous donations to. This shelter provides emergency lodging to single women and their children. When these women come in they have a chance at a peace of mind knowing their children have a place to sleep for the night. Life Haven allows them to carry on in dignity regardless of the circumstance they are in.

Recently we had a chance to visit the shelter to set up beds for an incoming family of four. This was an opportunity for us to be even more hands on in doing what we love; giving comfort. We hope that by viewing these photos you will continue to proudly tell your friends about your donation to Linens of Love and the difference it has made.


Beds before they are covered
This room for four has just been cleaned and is ready to prep for its next inhabitants.
Life Haven Bed 1
It’s all in the details when making a bed feel like home.

Beds at Life Haven


Life Haven Bed 3
This beautiful fleece blanket will keep anyone snuggled in it warm.

stuffed animal on bed

Kathy, Linens of Love, with LeAnne of Life Haven after completing the beds.
Kathy, Linens of Love, with LeAnne, Shelter Manager at Life Haven, after completing the beds.
Life Haven Shelter Pillow Cat Design
How cute?